Gratitude journal 8/12/16

  • The moon and stars and shit
  • Music that has a fast beat
  • Dancing, even though I’m terrible at it

Gratitude journal 8/11/16

  • The Olympics, it helps to brings countries together and celebrate our similarities through healthy competition
  • Clouds, especially big white puffy ones
  • Kittens, I don’t remember if I’ve said this already, I just love kittens

Gratitude Journal 8/10/16

  • Cats, I love them
  • My fingers, opposable thumbs are really neat to have
  • My toes, because toes are cute

Gratitude Journal 8/9/16

  • Smart phones. I have been super busy and am posting this from one. Yay convenience!
  • Emotions, without them we wouldn’t be able to experience the full spectrum of life
  • My job, it helps make it easier to survive

Gratitude Journal 8/8/16

  • Neat dates like 8/8/16 where 8 + 8 = 16
  • Craft beer because it is delicious
  • You

Gratitude Journal 8/7/16

  • I finally caught a flippin Bulbasaur today!
  • Being able to skip
  • Being able to read

Suicide Squad synopsis: SPOILERS

So I just saw Suicide Squad and it really was a pretty meh movie.  Here’s the gist of it:

Some criminal12489243_1674589672821667_4430624289856009994_o misfits are in jail cells they could totally break out of. The government wants them to team up so that if superman goes rogue they can take him out, but they totally wouldn’t be able to take out superman if the bat and flash beat them enough to put them in jail in the first place. But the government gets its way cuz it’s the government. They get to leave prison but will die if they don’t behave. *insert 12 angsty jokes about being bad guys here.* some ancient spirit starts turning people into zombies that the government says can survive a headshot. Will Smith shoots them all in the head and they die. Joker shows up for literally no reason because Miss ‘Murica is more powerful. The literal only person in the movie that can do anything to stop the villains gets angry at will Smith poking him and does something. Miss ‘Murica gets captured cuz for some reason she’s the only one put on a helicopter that could clearly have carried more people than her fat ass. Will Smith and army man butt heads some more. Will Smith decides to fight cuz his kid. Everyone else follows suit even though army man took off their collars because maybe they aren’t such bad guys. Fire guy again actually does something and kills himself to kill the villain that isn’t even the main one. The witch does some creepy gyrations and then fights everyone, but doesn’t kill them even though it totally wouldn’t take even 10% of her effort. Sex pun Quinn gets on her knees and kills the villain who could have killed them all with a breath because the witch randomly decides to try to reason with bad guys even though she’s been alive for 6300 years and should know better. Proceed to 5 minute slow MO shot of a lizard man doing the only thing he’s done all movie besides survive the explosion that killed the flamer, and he’s just throwing c4 for the whole shot. Will Smith shoots the c4 after having a vision of his daughter begging him not to, also in slow mo. Possessed lover of army man somehow lives. Everyone goes back to prison while Queen plays. Roll credits. Batman shows up because “MUH JUSTICE LEAGUE”

Gratitude Journal 8/6/16

  • My siblings
  • Pokemon Go, let’s be real, this thing has gotten me out of my apartment way more than I otherwise would have
  • Song Birds

I’m Breathing Today

I just wanted to share this song.  Let the lyrics sink in and interpret them however you like.

Gratitude Journal 8/5/16

  • Music, it makes it easier to feel
  • A comfortable bed
  • My brain, it’s a feat of nature